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Board of Directors

Leanne Collett, Coordinator, Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme, Toronto Zoo

Leanne has previous experience with the Hamilton Conservation Authority designing and implementing resilient landscaping features to help property owners to better manage the stormwater on their properties. She has also worked on stormwater management plans at the municipal level which has given her firsthand insight into the shortfalls, and consequences of relying heavily on centralized, conventional “end-of-pipe” infrastructure. She also previously sat on the Urban Nutrient and Sediment Runoff Task Group reporting under the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan working to incentivize implementation of green alternatives on private lands. Her passion lies in exploring the big conservation, biodiversity, and resource management issues that we are facing and disseminating this knowledge to the public.

Marcus Ginder, Managing Director, RiverSides

Marcus has been a dedicated advocate of environmental issues since well before he earned his bachelors degree in Environmental Science from Griffith University, Australia. He has a thirty-year track record as an active agent of environmental change with previous positions as Corporate Campaigner for Canopy, Pollution Prevention Manager with Environment Canada’s Great Lakes office, Manager of Pollution Probe’s Information Department, Consultant for World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Project Coordinator with the Ontario Environment Network. He currently serves as Vice Chair of Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, has served on the Urban Environment Centre board of directors, and has chaired the Toronto Environment Alliance (TEA) during its formative years. He is proud to have been a founder of TEA as well as the popular Ecobunk Awards, now in its twenty-fifth year. He is a lifelong and avid traveller, and in Toronto manages a household with two teenagers, a large dog, and a grumpy cat. His spare time is spent working on his hundred-acre forest retreat near Creemore and curating Tattooed City, an online photo gallery of graffiti.

Burkhard Mausberg, CEO, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation

A recognized leader in Ontario’s environmental and food sector, Burkhard has 28 years’ experience working for charities and non-profit groups. Prior to his appointment as the founding CEO of the Greenbelt Foundation, he directed the environmental programs of the Ivey Foundation and held CEO positions at Environmental Defence, Great Lakes United, and the Environment Fund. Prior to his 20 years in leadership roles, Burkhard managed the Great Lakes Program at Pollution Probe, taught environmental studies part-time at the University of Toronto, and served on several NGO boards, specializing in board governance and fiscal responsibility. He continues to write widely on public policy issues in diverse publications. Burkhard studied Chemistry at the University of Waterloo, Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto, and Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo. Born in Germany, Burkhard lives in Toronto with his partner and is the father of three daughters. He enjoys taking trips into Ontario’s Greenbelt and travelling worldwide.

Andrew Ng, Sustainability Specialist, Forest Stewardship Council

Andrew is a sustainability specialist with extensive experience in tropical forest issues. He established the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) national office in Malaysia and put the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) on track, overseeing the development of its Principles and Criteria. He has represented indigenous peoples’ coalitions at international-level forestry and palm oil negotiations. As co-founder of Grassroots, Andrew has been involved in partnerships with major campaign groups such as Greenpeace, EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency), and others, driving key environmental and social agendas through RSPO, FSC, and government policies.