Report: Cities Over A Barrel

//Report: Cities Over A Barrel

Report: Cities Over A Barrel

Report: Cities Over A Barrel

Residential Stormwater Solutions

Flooded basements. Closed beaches. Chemical and bacterial pollution running untreated into water bodies. Overburdened sewer systems causing combined and sanitary sewer overflows. Storms related to climate change are becoming more frequent and flood events are costly. Floods and overburdened sewer systems cause direct damage to municipal and private properties, increase insurance rates (raising issues of liability), and increase already expensive water storage and treatment costs. Clean rainwater is not just being wasted. It’s also being transformed into a damaging, costly, contaminated waste product. Large-scale solutions to these problems, such as stormwater surcharges and infrastructure development, are expensive and take a long time to discuss, decide on, and implement.

Download and read the complete case report:

Cities Over A Barrel (PDF)

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