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What We Do

RiverSides is a non-profit environmental group dedicated to helping homeowners and municipal governments avoid the environmental and financial costs of stormwater damage and pollution.

We demonstrate innovative green technology that helps manage stormwater easily, efficiently, and at low cost, in a way that sustains and restores Ontario’s watersheds. In doing this, RiverSides

  • drives community engagement and leadership around local environmental solutions that affect local streams and ravines;

  • builds climate change–resilient urban communities that can meet the challenges of increasing storm intensity and frequency at significantly reduced cost to the taxpayer;

  • gives homeowners access to water that can be used free of charge on gardens and lawns;

  • reduces the risk of basement flooding;

  • helps prevent stormwater pollution of local streams, ravines, and beaches;

  • reduces the cost of municipal stormwater surcharges to householders;

  • creates local jobs within the communities that are establishing green infrastructure;

  • recharges local groundwater and aquifers; and

  • provides municipal governments with a preventive, measurable, and scalable solution for stormwater management, while reducing the need for disruptive, capital-intensive, and time-consuming construction of sewer infrastructure.